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ProSolution Plus
When it comes to buying ProSolution Plus in Canada, we recommend only one place, and this is right from the manufacturer's official website! You can buy it online in Canada from the official ProSolution Plus supplier website. It is shipped to all cities and comes with careful delivery.

ProSolution Plus

Prosolution Plus is a male enhancement supplement; to be precise, a penis tonic that addresses multiple erection-related problems.

It is manufactured and marketed by 'Leading Edge Health', a renowned company in male supplementation.

The pills must be used by men who suffer from them:

  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Weaker erection.
  • Low libido.
  • Lack of sexual vigor.
  • Erectile dysfunction.

The formulation is designed by selecting herbal ingredients that have long been used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various sexual disorders.

The key here with Prosolution Plus is its unique and secret formula that combines vitamins, minerals, and other essential herbal extracts.

After using the capsules as recommended, you can expect the following results:

  1. Reduced premature ejaculation.
  2. Good control of ejaculation.
  3. Improved quality of erection.
  4. Support and erection firm as a rock.
  5. Increased libido and vigor.
  6. Improvement of sexual metabolism in general.

Prosolution Plus advantages and disadvantages


  • Guaranteed results.
  • Formulated based on scientific studies.
  • Firmer erection with controlled ejaculation.
  • Has libido enhancers and tonics as ingredients.
  • 67-day risk-free trial.
  • Incredible offers in 5, 6 and 12 month packages.


Traces of stimulants may be present, however, they are not a problem if used as recommended.

How does Prosolution Plus work?

Prosolution Plus focuses on improving some of the key factors for the overall quality of erection and ejaculation to be regulated as desired.

The unique herbal ingredients are focused on:

  • Inducing a good quality erection.
  • Helping to have an intense orgasm by regulating hormonal signaling.
  • Reducing stress and mental anxiety.
  • Providing hormone regulators to become sexually attractive.

The mode of action is through the following physiological effects:

  • Increasing nitric oxide: Nitric oxide will help blood vessels dilate and also bring more blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis to induce a strong erection.
  • Reducing Sexual Anxiety: Prosolution Plus has 'Mucuna pruriens' which increases the level of dopamine in the brain, helping you to stay relaxed during intercourse.
  • Increasing libido: To have a maximum orgasm you need to have a strong libido, and it all depends on testosterone, which is revitalized with Prosolution Plus.
  • Controlling ejaculation: Prosolution Plus will help you control your ejaculation by helping you stay at your peak for a long time.
  • An easier and more frequent orgasm: Prosolution Plus is fortified with vitamin B6, A, C, and thiamine, giving you the best orgasm you can achieve.

How to use Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution Plus comes in a convenient capsule form and a one-month supply has 60 capsules.

  • Two pills should be taken daily, preferably one in the morning and one in the evening for effective dissemination of the contents.
  • Take the pills 30 minutes before eating with water or juice, but avoid alcoholic or carbonated beverages.
  • The onset of action can be seen 3~5 weeks after continuous use of Prosolution Plus, and for best results continue supplementation for at least 6 months.

People who are currently taking other medications should consult their physician before using Prosolution Plus.

Where To Buy ProSolution Plus?

You can buy ProSolution Plus on their official website

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