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When it comes to buying TestRX in Canada, we recommend only one place, and this is right from the manufacturer's official website! You can buy it online in Canada from the official TestRX supplier website. It is shipped to all cities and comes with careful delivery.


From the age of 30, testosterone (male sex hormone), is progressively decreased in the male body. This translates into low energy, minimized sexual desire, weight gain, difficulty in gaining muscle mass, discouragement, and can even become a sign of depression.

Any man wants to live again with the virility and dynamism that characterized him in all aspects of his life during his youth, and that is why the search for products that can help him recover the lost body balance is incessant.

With the expansion of the market for supplements made from natural ingredients, the alternatives for testosterone enhancing products were not left behind. Effective, fully-formulated options such as TestRX set the standard.

Before you start taking TestRX, learn here how it works, what its components are, how to take the correct dose, where to buy it, as well as our opinion about TestRX, complete.

TestRX: What is it?

TestRX is a dietary supplement composed of natural ingredients, which works as a testosterone booster for men. Among its benefits are:

  • Increased energy and concentration.
  • Increased muscle mass, plus optimized physical performance and faster recovery after intense exercise.
  • The decrease in excess fat.
  • Increased libido and improved sexual performance.
  • Better mood.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.

TestRX: Does it work?

TestRX, as well as any testosterone enhancer, is ideal for those men over 30 (with even more noticeable results if they are over 40), who feel a decline in their quality of life in the most varied areas. One of the jewels of this supplement is that is composed of natural ingredients, it has no strict therapeutic indications beyond a desire to raise their testosterone levels organically and without complex chemical formulations.

Since the male sex hormone is actively involved in various processes in the body, the uses of TestRX and its impact on overall health can be quite varied. TestRX applications, therefore, are versatile for almost all male needs.

TestRX is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age, and for pregnant or nursing women. In addition, a doctor should be consulted before starting to take the supplement if you have a medical condition requiring chronic treatment that could interact with the ingredients of the formula.

Dosage and advice on use

The recommended dose for taking TestRX is 4 capsules per day, ideally two capsules in the morning, and two capsules in the evening. It is suggested that both be taken before meals, with a large glass of water at best.

It is recommended to take TestRX for a continuous period of 3 to 6 months to notice its effects, but satisfactory results have been reported as early as 3 weeks after consumption.

Like all-natural supplements, TestRX will not have obvious physical results if the consumer does not make some lifestyle changes. An exercise regime adapted to your particular physical condition, as well as a healthy diet, are the other pillars that can guarantee success in the intake of this product.

The ingredients of TestRX

The carefully designed TestRX formula, in addition to various vitamins and minerals, has a unique complex to which much is attributed about its functions: the ZMA.

  • ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine): This complex has been proven to be a powerful blend to exponentially increase testosterone levels, as well as optimize immune system functions (defenses) and improve strength and energy.
  • Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate) (200 mg): This mineral, besides being very important for general health, improves physical performance, strength and fast muscle recovery after intense physical activity. It has also been associated with increased testosterone levels.
    Zinc (as monomethionine, and aspartate) (10 mg): Another mineral that cannot go unnoticed in a supplement like TestRX. Zinc, in its most bioavailable form, helps increase testosterone production significantly and is associated with improved sports performance in athletes and optimization of overall metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) (5 mg): Much of the regulation of testosterone is associated with body feedback from the predominantly female hormones, estrogen, and prolactin. Vitamin B6 (or pyridoxine) plays a major role in the control of estrogen and thus an increase in the production of testosterone by the testicles. In addition, it is actively involved in the independent secretion of all androgenic (male-inducing) hormones.
  • D-Aspartic Acid (2300 mg): An amino acid vital for stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone. This compound acts at both the brain and testicular level to ensure a synergistic effect that increases the secretion of the male sex hormone.
  • Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) (1,140 IU): In addition to actively participating in bone metabolism and maintenance, vitamin D3 has been shown through various studies to increase serum testosterone levels by a significant percentage, also increasing its functions and benefits.
  • Fenugreek or Fenugreek Seeds 50% (saponins) (300 mg): This extract has numerous properties for the body. Among the most significant for the TestRX formula are increased testosterone production, fat reduction, and improved overall strength and energy.
  • Vitamin K2 (20 mcg): In addition to contributing to bone strengthening, as well as improving overall performance and health, Vitamin K2 has proven useful in stimulating increased testosterone production from the testes. Moreover, it acts synergistically with vitamin D to enhance each other.


Is it effective for the muscles?

Yes, one of the effects of testosterone (with its production enhanced by TestRX), is the increase in lean mass to predominantly muscle. Of course, to achieve this, TestRX should ideally be a supplement to a training regimen that supports muscle growth and toning.

Is it effective for libido?

One of the characteristic symptoms that you could benefit from a testosterone booster is a clear decrease in sexual desire and a decline in your performance in bed. Of course, one of the advantages offered as an effect of taking TestRX is not only increased libido but also stronger, longer-lasting and more controllable erections.

Should I take it or not?

Although TestRX is primarily intended for men over the age of 30, as it has natural components and few contraindications and risks, the truth is that younger men may also benefit from the effects of TestRX on their quality of life. Every organism is different, and there are cases in which even before a specific age (of course, being over 18), there are signs of decreased vitality in any sphere.

If you feel that your energy is down, your sex life is no longer the same, you feel that you are depressed or irritable all the time or you simply want to improve your overall quality of life as a man, it doesn't hurt to try TestRX and see if you are one of the satisfied customers whose testimonials can be found online. After all, their manufacturers (Leading Edge Health) offer a comprehensive money-back guarantee to protect you from losses if you think that after trying TestRX, it's not for you.

How should I take TestRX?

The recommended dose of TestRX is 4 capsules per day: two capsules in the morning (before breakfast), and two in the afternoon (before dinner). Ideally, you should take it with a large glass of water (at least 8 ounces of water), and close to mealtimes.

It is recommended that TestRX be taken continuously and correctly for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months to see the best results. However, satisfactory cases have been reported with as little as 3 weeks of consumption.

How long do its effects last?

TestRX stimulates the body's natural secretion of testosterone, so the effects are maintained as long as the supplement is taken properly and continuously for more than the suggested time, and is consistent with lifestyle changes.

The advantages of TestRX

  • It is composed of all-natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals and herbs, which ensures that it is safe and in line with organic functions.
  • It stimulates the secretion of testosterone (male sex hormone), which supplements the deficiencies that could be causing symptoms of deterioration of the quality of life in general.
  • Increases energy levels and physical performance, helping to achieve more effective training sessions.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • It helps eliminate excess fat.
  • Improves concentration and mood
  • Increases libido, and participates positively in achieving stronger and longer-lasting erections.
  • It has benefits on the cardiovascular system, glycemic levels, bone strengthening, and general health.
  • It is 100% legal.
  • Because its ingredients are natural, it has far fewer contraindications, risks and safety warnings than more complex chemical formulations.
  • It is ingested orally, without injections or cumbersome procedures.
  • TestRX can be purchased directly from their official website, through multiple payment methods, and with money protection.
  • They offer a 60-day (67, counting the days needed for shipping) money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results.
  • No prescription is required.

The disadvantages of TestRX

Results may vary from person to person.
Formula ingredient concentrations are relatively low compared to other testosterone enhancing supplements.
Shipping is not free.
An internet connection is required to purchase TestRX safely, avoiding becoming a victim of counterfeiting and/or scams.

Where to buy TestRX?

Currently, the best way to buy TestRX is on the official site provided by its manufacturers, online. This guarantees that you are getting the real product and are not a victim of counterfeiting. In addition, by purchasing TestRX on the official site, you will be able to access promotions (such as the TestRX promotional code, combos packages for several months, and bottle discounts). On the other hand, buying TestRX on its official site offers the benefit of a 67-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results after this period of time.

It is not possible at this time to buy TestRX at pharmacies or to buy TestRX at Amazon reliably or safely.

Our opinion on TestRX

If there's one thing all men have in common, it's the way their testosterone levels can positively or negatively affect their lives. And that's why sooner or later, you'll need ways to improve your vitality and give that boost to all aspects of your life. The choice then remains whether to use complex chemical formulations that require prescription and serum testosterone measurement as well as other cumbersome procedures or to give natural supplements like TestRX a try.

Most of these products (including TestRX) have a money-back guarantee as well as reliable manufacturers, so the male audience doesn't have much to lose by trying them out and seeing if they meet their expectations. Since TestRX is composed of organic components, there are no major health risks in trying to consume it properly for the minimum time stipulated.

The opinion of TestRX certainly agrees that it is worth the time to test for its cost-effectiveness, numerous beneficial attributes, as well as positive testimonials.

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